shutdown and accelerate,
over and over again

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fig. 13. 55.286901, 11.815497. Ladder Space (DK). thumb2: an exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing. 03 November, 17:00 GMT+1. Inhibitors Penghang Liu, Halfdan Kajhøj, Mie Mo, Anastasia Karkazis, Haoxuan Zhang, Finlay Taylor, Tzuhan Lin, Shafina Jaffer, Emmarosa Mathilda Liebgen, Art Sokoloff, Eva Brá Barkardóttir,  Anders Aarvik

Manifest (05.07.21: v0.0.3)

mpaacc [em'pe'a'se'se]

mpaacc is a computational exhibition platform and hackerspace based on Open Source technologies and varieties of anti-capitalism.

mpaacc consists of a decentralised architecture, and a client serving sound and image. The client can be deployed by anyone as a physical fork and thereby occur in any form and place.

The structure of the curatorial board of mpaacc is flat and draws on (ontological) anarchist ideologies.

mpaacc is anti-aggressive, striving to avoid market involvement that cause emotional aggression in hominids, for example; value, competition, and commodification (of everything).

mpaacc unites the internet and therefore the physical world by file availability and hacking censorship. For mpaacc borders do not exist. A list of IP addresses is provided.

mpaacc is in a flux of occurring and passing. Hence proposes activity as its primary form.

mpaacc does not consider value, but rather images. Images in which they have been engraved into the data-chain will be traces of pasts and futures.

Becoming an inhibitor of mpaacc means becoming an image. You will situate in our networks beyond the control of hominids. You will shut down and accelerate, over and over again.

Inhibitor is a substance used in small amounts to inhibit a chemical reaction (to restrain, to curb, to prevent, to cope) as a temporal form of activism.

mpaacc has no owner, and in mpaacc nobody is an owner. mpaacc is communal computing.

fig. 1 51.490226, -0.128462, 12 Dec, 2018, 10:22 GMT+0. First occurrence
mpaacc is communal computing