a net exhibition concerning virtual scale & drawing

1 May 2020


options: desktop application, video documentation

application will open in fullscreen. Quit with CMD+q, or Alt+f4.
controls: w-a-s-d (shift for speedup).

Windows: no longer available
Mac: no longer available
Linux: no longer available

Curator: Anders Aarvik
3D Artist: Nicolai Oestergaard
Poster piece: Emily Moore



thumb (v0.0.1) has been released as a desktop application under multipresent anti-aggressive communal computer, an antiauthoritarian computer. 2x2cm drawings, in the expanded field, has been undergoing virtual transgression.

The virtual space includes images generated with machine learning, graphite drawings, paintings, photography, video, a sculpture of red thread, a microscope drawing with emphasis on process, iconographic associations, interpretation of actual thumbs, a ripped paper sculpture, and a dot drawing on stamps for printing lsd substance onto.

A big thanks to those who submitted.

Yuzo Ono, Charlotte Cooper, Diyou yu, Art Sokolov, Teresa Arede, Stefan Bakmand, Harry Coday, Louise Ørsted Jensen, Emily Moore, Abhaya Rajani, Thea Tang, Simon Job, Sarah Vines, Jay Chung, Marie Linsdell, Tobias Stenberg Christensen, Fengjin Yu, Alessandro Paiano, Shu Hu, Louise Gholam, Tanya Glavatskix, Anders Aarvik

image documentation

mpaacc is communal computing