an exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing

Image caption: thumb2. Eva Brá Barkardottir, very soonly love

thumb2: an exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing is now available for download


  • Desktop application with keyboard controls (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Desktop application with VR controls (Windows)
  • Video documentation


  • Application will open in fullscreen. Quit with CMD+w (macOS) or Alt+f4 (Windows, Linux)
  • Keyboard controls: W-a-s-d keys and mouse for keyboard controls
  • VR controls: Desired VR gear using sticks for teleport and rotation

Download thumb2 (keyboard controls)

Download thumb2 (VR controls) 

How to open

Note: The installer might ask you to download Unreal Engine (game engine) prerequisities and DirectX.

  • Windows: The application (.exe) file has to be double clicked.
  • macOS: The application file (.app) has to be opened for applications from unidentified developers. This is done by clicking the application file, closing the popup by pressing “Cancel”, and then allowing it in Security & Privacy settings (
  • Linux: The application can be opened from the terminal/shell from the /Linux/ directory by running the command sh ./ 
    It can also be opened from the executable that has to be double clicked. It is located at the following path: /Linux/VR_Museum_2023/Binaries/VR_Museum_2023.

floor plan


To acknowledge that some users do not have access to their own computer or required hardware.

press release

mpaacc (multipresent anti-aggressive communal computer) and Ladder Space presents thumb2: an exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing. In this sequel, we dwell by the broad notions of drawing and scale, and experiment further with the space with a new game engine, with sound and image contributed by the artists Penghang Liu, Halfdan Kajhøj, Mie Mo, Anastasia Karkazis, Haoxuan Zhang, Finlay Taylor, Tzuhan Lin, Anders Aarvik, Shafina Jaffer, Emmarosa Mathilda Liebgen, Art Sokoloff, and Eva Brá Barkardóttir.

The loss and alteration of space, scale, time, and ego that occurs in the transgression from physical to virtual scale is the premise of thumb2 and is deliberately used to alter materiality of the submitted works in a wider virtual total installation. As a rule of thumb, and a part of our care aspect coming from the prequel held during the isolation period of the pandemic, the contributors have submitted work with a self-to-decide effort based on their needs and inquiry of their practice. This means that the size of images submitted is a maximum of 20.5mm (the average of a human thumb) in width/height, and submitted sound a maximum of 1´ duration.

The exhibition is published at for Windows, macOS, Linux with keyboard controls (wasd) known from first-person computer games, and compatibility with virtual reality equipment for an immersive experience, as well as a release exhibition and donation (to aid the victims of Gaza) held at Ladder Space (DK) 3rd November.

3D Artist: Nicolai Gajda Østergaard
Software Developer: Kwame Melega
Curator/Artist: Anders Aarvik

The release exhibition is supported by


mpaacc is communal computing